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Energy Management

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, our strategic energy management services meet the needs of all types and sizes of clients - from small startups to large firms - and deliver lasting changes with measurable savings. Please get in touch with us today to learn how National Power can help your future success.

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 Energy management Solutions

Who are we

We are a World Class ENERGY Management Solutions Company and Believe that we can make a Significant difference by positively contributing to our Environment and Economy



What we do

National Power is South Africa’s leading energy efficiency project implementer, used by commercial, Mining and industrial sectors to save millions of Rands by implementing energy savings projects and solutions.
National Power has formed strategic alliances with various Institutions to assist with  financing projects. Introduction of 12L regulation which is a newly developed strategy by Government, energy tax rebate for every measured and verified energy savings which National Power aims to make use of, to subsidize its projects hence improving
B.C. of projects.
National Power provides customers the means to identify, measure and verify energy savings projects - providing taylor-made energy management solutions.
National Power regularly discovers new products and services and learn best practices within the energy management community.


Smart Metering Solutions

Our Focus

National Power specialises in providing sustainable energy solutions for the heavy-industry, commercial and residential markets. With over 22 years of hands-on experience in helping companies such as Anglo Coal and De Beers solve their energy-related challenges, we believe we are in the ideal position to provide you with a customised energy solution!

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National Power Products

Satec Powermeter Agents since 1995

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Energy Management

ExpertPower™, a comprehensive energy management software, provides a suite of solutions: from billing, monitoring, BI, energy efficiency and demand response to in-depth Power Quality analysis and support of core planning and forecasting processes of independent power producers.

Satec Smart Metering

High resolution measurements provided by SATEC products creates a sound base for electricity trade even in complicated grids and networks. Measurements at various points, at a rapid rate, supply all players with accurate data about how much electricity was transmitted and when as well as the losses that occurred during transmission.


A number of productivity gains and cost savings have been achieved by the implementation of the energy management system. The system supplies accurate up to the minute billing information which enables you to verify Utilities billing and manage costs.

Our Expertise

Key Areas

Turn key Energy Mangemnet

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Automated Demand

A Story of Success

 National Power has developed automated Demand controllers which effectively control Maximum demand levels.

Many companies offer equipment for electrical maximum demand control but guarantee no further savings. This is why it is crucial for the plant engineer to make the correct choice of equipment and to determine which loads are controllable.

of Supply

NRS 048 compliant

Automated Quality of Supply Reports which comply to NRS 048 using Expertpower +
Our team of experts will assist in analizing and solving your qualty of Supply problems, be it Dips, sags, swells, transisnts, spikes or harmonics to name a few.

Planetary Desert

Energy Efficiency

An Innovative Solution

The most important part of an electrical energy management system (EMS) is the correct design of the system
National Power's Energy Management System delivers all the tools for monitoring, analysing and managing entire power systems. Using our powerful tools, National Power can offer you the means to effectively manage your resources to save both time and money.

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